Heroes: Sardarabad
It is difficult to overestimate the significance of the Battle of Sardarapat for the Armenian people. Thanks to this victory, on May 28, 1918, the Armenian Republic was formed, marking the beginning of a new stage of statehood. Sardarapat is the symbol of the struggle of the Armenian people for their existence. In a moment of despair and hopelessness, the Armenian soldiers filled with the call of blood became the basis for the formation of our modern statehood and national identity. The new adaptation from Cilicia Animation aims to pay tribute to the heroes who saved Armenia then and inspire the heroes who defend it now. After all, fate itself decreed that the Armenian people, after many bloody battles and heavy losses, continue to live and prosper.
Hayk's rebellion against Bel
The history of our country has many millennia, but few people know how it all really began. This story is about a great warrior and leader of his people. The mighty Hayk Nahapet is a man who freed his people from oppression and founded a new state, which his ancestors, as a sign of great respect, named in his honor.
Mesrop Mashtots: History of the Armenian Alphabet Creation
We want to present to you an animated short film dedicated to the person who gifted us our unique writing and the ability to pass down our culture from generation to generation. The great teacher of the Armenian people and creator of the national alphabet - Mesrop Mashtots.
Armenian tale about righteousness and the apple
A short story about righteousness and love.

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